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Hey guys! Are you tired of wearing boring outfit and planning to purchase a new shirt or thinking of styling your shirts in different ways? Then for sure you have landed at correct page. In this article we will be discussing some trendy grey shirt matching pant.  

If you also consider Grey is a boring color then I bet by the time you end reading this piece you will fall in love with Grey color shirt. Grey shirt is a versatile and must have shirt in every man’s wardrobe. You can use it in different ways and create different looks.

On one side it can make you look polished and professional and on the other side it’s perfect for cool and relaxed look.

Don’t be confused because this is the magic that the right color combination creates. Grey is a neutral color, its combination with different color pants gives a new look every time.

You just need to keep few things in mind and nothing can stop you from looking fabulous each time you dress up.

  • Shades of Grey– There are different shades of grey, choose the right shade of grey according to your complexion. Prefer lighter shades for casual wear whereas darker shades for formal wear.
  • Fabric –Choose the fabric wisely according to the occasion and weather. As cotton is a breathable fabric, it can be used in summer and for daily wear. In winter you can go with warm option, silk is good for weddings.
  • Fit– Don’t forget how perfectly your outfit fits you, has a significant role in your style. It should not be too tight or too loose.

Now the next BIG THING that comes in mind what color pants should be paired with the grey shirt.

As grey is a neutral color a lot of colors work with it but here are 10 best grey shirt combination pants for you.

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 Imagine you can pull off 10 different looks with just one grey shirt!!! so stay tuned

Grey Shirt Matching Pant

List of 10 Stylish Grey Shirt Matching Pant Combinations

Black Pants with Grey Shirt Combination

1. Black Pants with Grey Shirt Combination

The first color that pop up in mind whenever we talk of grey shirt matching pant is Black without any query. Black is a classic color. Combination of grey shirt and black pants is a timeless combination. You can wear it on casual as well as on formal occasions.  

It is even the most preferred combination. If you are a person who don’t experiment much with your outfits then I would say this is the perfect coming combination for you.

So don’t think too much and try this combination.

Navy Blue Pant with Grey Shirt

2. Navy Blue Pant with Grey Shirt  

Now next in the list comes the navy blue pants. Light grey shirt and navy blue pants is a good combination. At first it may give u a laid back vibes but if worn correctly it may result in classic appearance.

You can try it in office as a daily wear and for formal meetings. To complete the look try brown colored shoes. This will make your look more enhanced.

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Khaki Pants and Grey Shirt Combination

3. Khaki Pants and Grey Shirt Combination

Next in race comes the khaki color. Khaki is also a neutral color and goes well with grey shirts. It gives a contrast to your outfits. Light neutral shades goes well in spring and summers.

If you are heading for an interview this is the perfect grey shirt combination pants. Choose the lighter shade of khaki.As both the shades are soothing it will make your interviewer more comfortable. And I am sure you never want to miss a ball to be in you court during interview!!!

Olive Green Pants wear with Grey Shirt

4. Olive Green Pants wear with Grey Shirt

Now at fourth we have olive green pants. Olive green is an earthy color. It provides subtle and stylish look with grey shirt and catch the attention of the people.

This is an amazing grey shirt matching pant combination that makes your style different from the crowd. This is apt for decent look.

To add some more “WOW factor” Just complete the look with white shoes.

Grey Shirt Combination with Burgundy Pants

5. Grey Shirt Combination with Burgundy Pants

Next we have Burgundy pants. Burgundy is an eye-catching rich color. It is a bold color. Its combination with light grey shirt is a good option to create a bold and classy look at the same time.

Very popular among youngsters, this combination is perfect for winter season and shows your daring side.

Try this combination once it will exquisitely enhance your look. If you think to wear white shirt pant combination then must check in your office routine.

Light Blue Pants Matching with Grey Shirt

6. Light Blue Pants Matching with Grey Shirt

Next in the row comes light blue pants. Light blue is a soothing color. Its calmness creates contrast with dark grey shirt.

It gives fresh and cool look and is a good choice for gathering of friends, beach party or for relaxed mood.

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Wear this grey shirt combination pant to a party and get ready for the flood of complements there!!!

White Pants with Grey Shirt

7. White Pants with Grey Shirt

Now this one is unbeatable. Grey shirt with white pants gives a neat and clean look. It is perfect for warm weather or spring season.

Not only adds elegance to your personality but also creates soothing effect and never goes outdated.

White and grey is a unique combination that suits almost to everyone.

Don’t forget to round off the look with Black sleek shoes.

Brown pants & Grey Shirt Combination

8. Brown pants & Grey Shirt Combination

Now at eighth I take Brown color. It is also warm and earthy color like olive green color and goes well with light grey shirt. It’s a perfect combination for casual wear.

You can wear it in spring and winter seasons.

Charcoal Pants with grey shirt

9. Charcoal Pants

Next I will take Charcoal Pants. Charcoal is a darker shade.

Combination of charcoal pants with light grey shirt is good for sophisticated and elegant look.

It is perfect for formal occasion or business meetings. This grey shirt combination pant is worth trying.

Patterned Pants with grey shirt

10. Patterned Pants

If you are bold enough to carry patterned pants give it a try with grey shirt.

Patterned pants such as stripes pants, plaid pants or printed pants create a perfect chemistry with grey shirt.

It’s a good option for bold and adventurous look. Next time planning for a trip try this grey shirt combination pant for sure!!!

Final words

There are many grey shirt combination pant and different colors of pants. You can try these according to the occasions.

It’s upon your choice what look you want to create. You can mix and match for sophisticated look or bold and adventurous look. Remember there are no hard and fast rules for color combinations.

So go ahead and experiment with different shades of grey with different colors of pants. This helps you to know what style is for you, in which style you feel more confident.

 Comfort and confidence are the key features to look stylish. Hope these 10 Best grey shirt matching pant combination will help you and you will create your own look fabulous.


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