Best Moisturizer For Men in India

With winter already at our doorstep, it is obvious that you guys must be having a tough time dealing with dry skin all over your body and looking for a way to keep it in control.

Thus we came up with this list of the Top 10 Best Moisturizer For Men In India that will help you to keep your skin moisturized and get rid of dry and flaky skin. We are sure by the end of this list you would have chosen the one product that suits your skin among the best men’s moisturizer in India.

Three Tips For Choosing The Best Face Moisturizer For Men

A good moisturizer can work wonders on your skin only if you choose the right one for you. Thus, while buying a moisturizer, keep the following things in mind.

Tip 1: Choose The One That Suits Your Skin Type

Do you have dry skin or oily skin? Is your skin normal or sensitive? Is your skin allergic to certain types of products? It’s really important to consider these factors before buying a moisturizer. Nowadays grooming products are very advanced and there are products for all types of skin and that is mentioned on the product packaging, so choose the one as per your skin type.

Not sure what is your skin type? Check out this detailed article we found online about the different skin types.

Tip 2: What Do You Need It For?

Do you need the moisturizer only for keeping your skin moisturized or do you want more from it? There are moisturizers that also act as sunscreen creams, anti-aging creams, and skin-lightening creams. Thus, you can buy the one that gives you other benefits too.

You’ll save a lot of money by using a single product that does the job of 2 or 3 different products.

Tip 3: Check The Ingredients

Like all grooming products, it is very important to check the ingredients that go into manufacturing these moisturizers. Firstly, check whether there are any harmful ingredients like phthalates and parabens which will cause harm to your skin. Secondly, check if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in the moisturizer.

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Then you need to choose the products that have all the right ingredients. If you need a moisturizer that will also be suitable for your oily skin then go for a product that.

Top 10 Best Moisturizer For Men In India In 2023

Coming to the list of our Top 10 Best Moisturizers For Men In India for the year 2023. Below is the list of all the moisturizers that we have reviewed and compiled into a list of the top 10, not in any particular order.

Sr NoProduct NameView Product
1NIVEA Men Moisturiser CreamView On Amazon
2Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Brightening MoisturizerView On Amazon
3The Man Company Daily Moisturising CreamView On Amazon
4Spruce Shave Club Moisturizing Face Cream For MenView On Amazon
5The Body Shop Guarana and Coffee Energising MoisturiserView On Amazon
6Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer For FaceView On Amazon
7Pond’s Men’s Energy Charge Gel MoisturizerView On Amazon
8Qraa 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer for MenView On Amazon
9Plum Green Tea Oil-Free MoisturizerView On Amazon
10Phy Green Tea Superlight MoisturizerView On Amazon

Top 10 Best Moisturizer For Men In India 2023

1 NIVEA Men Moisturiser Cream

best moisturizer for men
  • Prevents Dry Skin
  • All Day Long Lasting Moisturization
  • Boosts Skin Hydration
  • Suitable For All Skin Types

When we are talking about the ‘Best Face Moisturiser For Men In India’, then the name Nivea is surely among the top ones that would pop in your mind. Nivea is known for its moisturizing cream throughout the world and it has been used for ages by people all in hundreds of countries.

The Nivea men’s moisturizing cream is specially made for men of all skin types. It has a non-greasy formula and gets absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving a residue. It can be used on the face, hands, and the whole body and comes with many benefits.

2 Garnier Men Power White Anti-Pollution Brightening Moisturiser

best face moisturizer for men
  • Lightweight Formula
  • Enriched With Lemon & Green Tea
  • UV Filters To Provide All Day Skin Protection
  • Affordable Cost

Another one of the Best Men’s Grooming Brands in India is Garnier men. Their Power White Anti-Pollution Brightening Moisturiser is a perfect product if you travel or work a lot outdoors. This men’s moisturizer comes with a formulation that helps to fight pollution and UV Rays of the sun.

Its formulation is very lightweight and is invisible on the skin. It is best suitable for a combination skin type. Also, it is not very expensive and if you’re on a tight budget but still want one of the best body moisturizer for men in India, then we highly recommend this one.

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3 The Man Company Daily Moisturising Cream

best moisturizer for men's oily skin
  • Contains Shea Butter And Vitamin E
  • Retains Softness Of The Skin
  • Penetrates Deep Inside The Skin
  • Good For Dry And Oily Skin
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The third product on our list of the Top 10 Best Moisturizers For Men In India is The Man Company Daily Moisturising Cream With Shea Butter & Vitamin E. This product is a must-have in your daily skincare routine regardless of what the season is.

Especially in the winter, this moisturizer will be a lifesaver for you as it contains shea butter, an ingredient that is known to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized for a long duration. The added vitamin E in the moisturizer will nourish your skin and keep it healthy.

4 Spruce Shave Club Moisturizing Face Cream For Men

best moisturizer for men dry skin
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Ultra Lightweight & Non-Greasy
  • Contains Organic Argan Oil & Organic Aloe Vera Extract
  • Doesn’t Contain Parabens, Silicones, PEGs

If you want a moisturizer that is made totally from organic ingredients, then you should definitely go for the Spruce Shave Club Moisturizing Face Cream For Men. It contains certified organic ingredients like Organic Argan Oil & Organic Aloe Vera Extract which hydrate, condition and nourish the skin to deliver a healthy and radiant glow.

The face cream is loaded with 10 other natural extracts and pure essential oils like Shea Butter, Provitamin B5, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, and many more! No doubt that it’s on our list of the Top 10 Best Moisturizers For Men In India.

5 The Body Shop Guarana and Coffee Energising Moisturiser

best moisturizers for men in india
  • Lightweight & Non-Greasy
  • Contains Brazilian Guarana and Ethiopian Green Coffee
  • Enriched With Community Trade Aloe Vera
  • Best For Dry Skin

If budget is not an issue for you then simply go for this product without even reading about it. Although it’s a little costly The Body Shop Guarana and Coffee Energising Moisturiser for Men is worth every penny. Its main ingredients are Brazilian Guarana (A plant from the Amazon river basin known for its therapeutic qualities) and Ethiopian Green Coffee.

With such exotic ingredients, this moisturizer will surely make you feel like a king once you start using it in your morning routine.

6 Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer For Face

best face moisturizer for men in india
  • Prevents Acne & Pimples
  • Non-Greasy Formula
  • Provides Effective Hydration
  • Natural & Toxin Free Free 

This one is not a product specifically for men but it does a great job if you have oily skin. It has a nongreasy formula and keeps your facial skin hydrated and moisturized preventing acne and pimples. Isn’t it a win-win?

The Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer For Face contains ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Betaine, and Cetearyl Octanoate that make the skin appear smooth and supple.

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7 Pond’s Men’s Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer

best moisturizer cream for men
  • Fights Pimple Causing Germs
  • Reduces The Appearance Of Pores
  • For Skin Charging And Brightening
  • Suitable For All Skin Types
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Another household brand in our list of the Top 10 Best Moisturizer For Men In India is Ponds. Their Pond’s Men’s Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer is a perfect product for you if you do not wish to spend a lot on a moisturizer but still want it to do its job perfectly.

Of course, it doesn’t contain any exotic ingredients but for daily and casual use, it is a good option as it is suitable for all skin types. It also helps in fighting acne and reducing the appearance of pimples.

8 Qraa 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer for Men

best skin moisturizer for men
  • 24 Hour Moisturization
  • Mineral Cocktails Improve Skin’s Appearance
  • Blue Algae Keeps Skin Supple
  • Provides Sun Protection

This moisturizer from the brand Qraa gives you 10 benefits in one cream. It gives you an instant luminous shine and also prevents aging. It also provides sun protection and lightens the skin tone. Other than this, there are many benefits of using the Qraa 10 in 1 Hydra Boost Moisturizer.

Also, it is not too expensive and if you want your moisturizer to do more than hydrate your skin or protect from the sun, then this one should definitely be your top choice.

9 Plum Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer

best body moisturizer for men
  • Lightweight Oil-Free Formula
  • Controls Excess Oil Production
  • Reduces Pimples & Acne
  • No Artificial Colors Or Fragrance

The Plum Green Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer is another moisturizer that is made from organic ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals like parabens, SLS, or Mineral Oil. It contains some really beneficial ingredients like Niacinamide which reduces acne and gives your skin radiance, hyaluronic acid for the instant plumpness and moisture of your skin, Kakadu Plum which increases hydration, plant-derived Squalane for long-term moisturization and oil control, and Green Tea that is rich in anti-oxidants for clear and healthy skin.

All in all this one packs a punch at a very affordable cost and is surely one of the best face moisturizers for men in India.

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10 Phy Green Tea Superlight Moisturizer

best men's face moisturizer for dry skin
  • Light-liquid Texture
  • Keeps The Skin Non-sticky & Non-greasy
  • Contains Green Tea And Lemon Peel
  • Suitable For All Skin Types

If you are looking for a moisturizer that is very light on the skin and smells refreshing, then go for the Phy Green Team Superlight Moisturizer. It has a light-liquid texture that doesn’t feel creamy on your skin after application.

It still does the job of a moisturizer far better than a lot of creamy moisturizers available on the market. It contains Green Tea which prevents acne and Lemon Peels which help in brightening the skin tone.

FAQs About Best Men’s Moisturizers In India

Which is the best face moisturizer for men’s dry skin?

The Body Shop Guarana and Coffee Energising Moisturiser for Men is the best face moisturizer for men with dry skin. It’s ingredients help retain the moisture in your skin keeping you hydrated throughout the day.

Which is the best moisturizer for men’s oily skin?

The best moisturizer for men with oily skin is Mamaearth Oil-Free Moisturizer For Face. It has an oil-free formula that is perfect if your skin is too oily and has acne.

Which moisturizer is the best for men in India?

According to our research, the Nivea men’s moisturizing cream is the best moisturizer for any climate or skin type in India. You can also try more specialized products depending on your skin type

Well, this brings us to the end of our list of the Top 10 Best Moisturizer For Men In India 2023. If we have missed any of your favorite ones, please let us know in the comments below.

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