Best Body Spray for Men in India

When it comes to smelling great and feeling confident, a high-quality body spray can make all the difference. These sprays inherit those magical powers that can boost your confidence and drive away nervousness in the most special social gatherings or official meetings. Do you feel that despite using the longest-lasting body spray you do not smell that great and don’t know which perfumes smell that mesmerizing? When you go to buy the best body spray for men in India you get perplexed seeing a plethora of options. If you find these relatable then this one is for you. Finding the ideal body spray might be a challenge with the wide range of options available in the market. In order to assist you, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 body sprays for men that are still in stock, in India as of September 2023.

Denver Autograph Deo King

best body sprays for men

Denver Autograph Deo King is a premium sporty-elegant rich deodorant for men, curated by SRK himself. It is a high-performance formula-based deodorant that has juicy mandarin and green tea with hints of Bergamot at the top, dynamic aromatic notes of peach and Geranium with the richness of creamy sandalwood, earthy woods, and musk. This long lasting body spray for men can turn a casual meeting into a hot date with your girl. Try this!!!

PRICE: ₹ 249

Aramis Deodorant Body Spray

which body spray is best for male

This premium masculine scent possesses a balance of rich spices, incense, and amber in the base notes, along with fresh citrus and herbs. This Devin Country body spray for men keeps you smelling great and lasts all day long. Many brands claim to be longest longest-lasting body spray but fail in reality. Trust us this will not let you down and keeps you smelling fresh all day.

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PRICE: ₹ 2,450

Versace Body Spray

longest lasting body spray

Versace’s Eros body spray is a fusion of the perfection of the male body and an allusion to Greek mythology and classic sculpture. This body spray possesses a luminous aura with an intense, vibrant, and glowing freshness of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple. This scent will protect you from bad odor and keep you sweat-free. It is for strong men who are not afraid to be themselves even in the toughest situation. What you are waiting for? Give it a try and make a statement wherever you go!!! One of the best body sprays for men

PRICE: ₹ 5,300

Layer’r Body Spray

long lasting body spray for men

Layer’r Shot Gold Iconic Body Spray for men’s body is infused with pineapple, jasmine, and musk to maintain freshness that lasts long and reduces body odor. So if you are a man who is always working, this is your go-to body spray as it is formulated without gas and exudes amber and citrusy notes to make you feel relaxed and renewed.  Enter and leave the room with the same refreshing smell that doesn’t faint with time. It is even the most budget-friendly!!! Who says you need to rob a bank to smell good all day??

PRICE: ₹ 99

Axe Deodorant Body Spray

best body spray in india

If you are thinking which body spray is best for males then Axe Recharge 24×7 Deodorant body spray must be on your list. This gives you a burst of freshness every time you use it. It exudes a captivating masculine fragrance along with an instant cooling effect. The long-lasting formula energizes your body, keeping you bad odor-free. 

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PRICE: ₹ 230

Denver Deodorant Body Spray

which is best body spray

With Denver Pride Deodorant Body spray you will remain fresh and deodorized throughout the day. Its floral fragrance contains bits of geranium and bergamot notes. This lavender body spray with sandal notes offers a woody scent, making you feel great. Try this masculine spray and I bet you will fall in love with it. 

PRICE: ₹ 265

The Man Company Body Spray

best spray for men

The Man Company Privilege Legend Body Spray is an exciting fragrance that invigorates your senses with an energizing scent.  This body spray for men keeps your body free from body odor. This is your go-to if you love traveling or backpacking impromptu. Turn your mood on and drag away your stress with its mesmerizing aroma.

PRICE: ₹ 224

Finding a body spray that fits your interests and style is essential because it’s a personal choice. The 7 top body sprays for men featured here in September 2023 come in a range of fragrances and pricing ranges, thereby making it possible for you to select the ideal fragrances to keep you feeling confident and fresh all day. There is a body spray on this list for everyone, regardless of whether you want a traditional, sporty, or appealing perfume. Choose the right one for you and leave a long lasting impression wherever you go with the fresh and refreshing aromas!!!


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