best formal pant shirt combination

Who doesn’t like styling? One of the major ways in which one can flaunt their unique style is through clothing. But not every time you can put on cool clothing. There are plenty of people who can represent their unique style in the most impressive formal pant shirt combo. There is a combination for each and every occasion you just need to find the right one for you. And finding the right one is very crucial to get the formal look perfectly. The right formal Pant Shirt Combination can do wonders in enhancing your appearance and confidence.

So here we have come up with the 15 Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations that you can choose from and make an everlasting impression.

Blue Striped Shirt with White Pants

best formal pant shirt combination

A striped shirt with pants is the most popular formal pant shirt combination that has been there for centuries and still is in the game and it will never go out of style for sure.  The most amazing thing is you can wear it all year round by just flipping your styles. You can even choose between horizontal and vertical strips based on your physique. If you are on the shorter side, vertical strips would be your ideal choice as they would make you look taller.

However, if you are tall enough but do not have enough width try horizontal strips. This will make your shoulders look wider and will complement your slim body perfectly.

You can get a white and blue striped shirt and pair it with white trousers for a hot summer meeting or can try a black and white strip shirt with black trousers. What is your ideal look?

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Pink Check Shirt Paired with Beige Trousers and Blue Tie

best combination of formal shirt and pant

Check shirts are like a classic staple for a man’s Wardrobe. They never get out of fashion you can wear them to a formal meeting and also to a formal party gathering. You can style a check shirt with solid trousers to make a style accented by a pattern. Now for a more formal look, you can pair your check shirt with a tie. Completely tucked in and accessorized with laced shoes. How about a pink check shirt with beige trousers and a blue tie? For less formal occasions you can skip the tie but still, it makes you look smart.

Blue Shirt with Khaki Pants Formal Pant Shirt Combination for Interview

best formal shirt and pant combination

Dress the part” is no longer a phrase in speech. During interviews, the team not only checks your skills but also sees if you fit in with their work environment. You must be cautious while deciding on your interview attire. A blue shirt with khaki pants will work perfectly. You can also pair your khaki pants with some other contrasting shade of brown. Furthermore, it’s important to wear a well-fitting shirt as it can enhance your style. Refer to the shirt size chart in India for a perfect fit.

Black Shirt with Grey Pants Combination

best combination of formal pant shirt

No one can deny the fact that the man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a black shirt and grey pants. These are that basic formal attire that no one can ever skip. On the one hand, the Black shirt adds grace and elegance to your looks, and on the other sober and versatile Grey complements it to give you a perfect look. This is the top choice among the best formal pant shirt colour combination

Blue Shirt with a Black Pant Combination

best formal shirt pant colour combination

If you want to look polished and elegant, wearing a blue shirt with black pants can work wonders. Adding a bit of class to your outfit is not a bad idea even if you are a comfort lover. To take your look to another level don’t forget to pair it with leather shoes.

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White Shirt with Black Pants

best pant shirt combination for office

Well, this one is the most classic combination that exists in all time. This one is an easy game for you even if you say you don’t have ample knowledge of fashion. This will never ever let you down. Just put on your crisp white shirt and pair it with black trousers. No matter you are heading for a corporate meeting or to a wedding function you are all set to go. To amplify your look you can even shroud on Blazer. Do you have this formal pant-shirt combination in your wardrobe?

Pink Shirt with Blue Trousers


Who decided men can’t wear pink? Well Nobody!!! For all those who have a great sense of colour, a Pink shirt with blue pants is a great choice of style. If you are choosing a lighter shade of pink like pastel then pair it with navy blue trousers. Your look will rock!!!

White Shirt with Green Pants Combination


This one is for all those who love to do experiments with their clothing styles. You can wear it to the office or to a party alike. Complete the look with rust-brown shoes.  This has become very popular with the young generation. Try it once you will be in love with your look!!!

Maroon Shirt with a Black Pant


No doubt Maroon is a darker shade but it can look incredibly cool if paired with black pants. Although neutral colors like Black can be paired with any colored shirt, when paired with maroon, add richness to the look. If you’re on the bulky side, then wearing colors like maroons and blacks, can make you look a lot slimmer.

Dark Green Shirt with Cream Pant


This is not common in the list of best formal pant shirt colour combination, but if you pull it off nicely it has the potential to become your style statement. Choose a narrow-fit pant if you are slim.

Light Blue Shirt with Navy Blue Pant Combination


Every man has at least 2 or 3 blue pieces hanging in their wardrobe. Your closet is incomplete if you don’t have this, after all this is the Best Formal Pant Shirt Combination. It is the best fit for office meetings to formal get-togethers. What you are waiting for add it to your closet!!!

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White Shirt with Tan Pant


Here is another classic yet stylish formal pant-shirt combination. A white shirt keeps your look simple. It goes well with any guy no matter what height and build is. You can also amplify your look with a black tie. So are you ready for this style move?

Yellow Shirt with Black Pant Combination


Why not play with some colors that go out of the league? Try this cool yellow shirt with black pants. Definitely, you won’t see it often if you can pull it off nicely then it will become a part of yours. Are you ready to go for this look?

White Shirt with Navy Blue Check Pants


Be it an important client meeting or a weekend dinner night, this sophisticated combination of blue check pants and a white shirt is like a gentlemen’s dream coming true. So elegant and rich in itself to add confidence and royalty to your look. Must have this in your closet if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Floral Shirt with Trousers Combination


We are in the year 2023, it’s time to give a boom to stereotypes. Florals are no more confined to holidays. Rather it is a way to look trendy and cool at the workplace. You can start with small floral prints. A light-colored floral shirt with Blue pants is an unbeatable combination. So are you ready to brighten up your office look?

Final words

Wearing formal at the workplace may sound monotonous but if you pair your shirts and pants by choosing the best colour combinations you can rock your look and create a style statement. Hope you guys liked the above list of Best Formal Pant Shirt Combinations and it would help you to choose your formal attire the next time you go shopping. Also, it would definitely help you to pair the combinations from your wardrobe.


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