Difference Between Keratin and Smoothing

Smooth silky and frizz-free hair is the dream of every woman. After all your hair can add all new dimensions to your whole personality. Girls undergo various treatments to make their hair look smooth and shiny. Straight hair is on the top list of every girl. After all, straight hair is always stylish and demands no effort to maintain.

Keratin and smoothing treatments are two popular hair treatment choices for getting that trendy straight hair. Perhaps you may be amazed to know more than 60% of them don’t know the difference between keratin and smoothing treatment despite getting the treatment themselves which leaves them regretting it later.

Choosing the wrong treatment can do more harm than benefit. One wrong treatment can take you to immense hair fall and damaged hair. So here in this piece, we will have an insight into keratin vs smoothing and by the end of this piece, you will know keratin or smoothing which is better. So stay tuned and walk into the parlor with an informed decision

While both keratin and smoothing treatments have the same goals of improving and changing the way your wild, frizzy hair looks and feels. Both have different procedures, different outcomes, different products and various safety concerns. So let’s have a look at each of these treatments.

Difference Between Keratin and Smoothing

Here we will see what is the difference between the keratin and smoothing treatments that will help you to choose the right one.

First, let us have a look at keratin Treatment. We must admit here that this treatment has a great fan following. This is basically a therapy for protein building. This procedure uses Keratin, a type of protein found in hair, skin and nails, that provides strength and elasticity.

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keratin treatment involves a chemical process that uses keratin protein to smooth and straighten the hair. It helps in reducing frizz and makes hair, smoother and more manageable.

The treatment involves applying a keratin solution to the hair which is then sealed into the hair using heat. The heat causes the keratin to bond with the hair, resulting in smoother, more manageable hair. Hair appears straighter in keratin treatment. It lasts for 4 to 6 months.

Keratin exists naturally in your hair. Its deficiency causes your hair to look frizzy and dead. Taking Keratin treatment compensates for its loss and helps you to get smoother hair.

Excess of anything is harmful. There may be some side effects of over-keratin treatment such as weak hair roots, gas and inhaling problems. So avoid overuse of the hair treatment.

Now comes the hair smoothing treatment. Obviously, it is a less invasive treatment than keratin treatment. During a smoothing treatment, a combination of heat and a straightening solution is applied to temporarily relax the hair and make it easier to style.

Hair smoothing does not use a protein to smooth the hair cuticle like the keratin treatment. Instead, the process breaks down the bonds in the hair, allowing it to be reshaped and smoothed. The result of hair smoothing treatment typically lasts for 6 to 8 months.

There may be some side effects of the smoothing due to the use of chemicals such as dryness, dandruff, hair thinning, discoloration or split ends. This can cause hair fall also. To avoid these side effects don’t take these treatments again and again.

Now that we have discussed the procedures involved in both treatments, their benefits, side effects and yes the difference between keratin and smoothing treatments. But one question is still here which one is for you, keratin or smoothing which is better and why? So let’s dive into it

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Keratin and Smoothing Which is Better?

Keratin and Smoothing Which is Better
Keratin and Smoothing Which is Better

We can’t use any treatment blindly just because that has been beneficial to our friends or relatives. We have to choose specific treatments according to our hair types and requirements.

On the one hand where smoothening gives you straight hair, but it may result in dry hair and also the chances of hair damage are quite high. However, how much damage it will cause depends upon the type of your hair if you have thick strong hair then the texture can endure this treatment very well.

Keratin treatment is ideal for those who just want to reduce frizz and make their hair look healthy. It adds shine to their hair without completely straightening them.

It works by smoothing the hair cuticle using a protein-based solution, which results in smoother and healthier hair. Keratin treatment suits mostly all types of hair including color-treated and chemically processed hair.

It improves the health of the hair and provides strength to weakened hair. It protects hair from the sun, harmful chemicals, and pollution. It moisturizes the hair and provides volume to the hair. It nourishes your hair and gives them a shiny and healthy look. But you have to take special care of the hair after the

Hair smoothing is good for those who want to straighten their hair and want frizz-free hair. It works by using a combination of heat and straightening solution to temporarily relax and reshape hair. It has been an ideal choice for those who have curly or wavy hair to achieve a straighter look. It can damage the hair if it is used too frequently.

This is not recommended for color-treated or chemically processed-hair. This treatment is especially for thin hair. You will get bouncy hair with a smoothing treatment.

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Nowadays a new treatment Kera Smooth is in trend. It is a fusion of the smoothing and keratin treatments. In this procedure, a smoothening treatment is performed first, then keratin cream is applied. It provides you both the healthy, protein-rich hair you receive from a Keratin treatment and the straight hair you get with a smoothening treatment. Healthy, shiny, straight hair would be the ultimate outcome, and this procedure may last around a year.

Whichever treatment you choose, keep in mind that both of these procedures involve the use of chemicals, and you must take care of your hair as directed by a hair expert. Some of the precautions include using a sulfate-free shampoo and applying the mask.

Final words

Both keratin and smoothing treatment have their own unique benefits and limitations. You have to choose it wisely. First understand the difference between keratin and smoothing, the type of your hair, then think about it. Both can be effective in achieving smoother and more manageable hair. While keratin treatments use natural protein to achieve the desired result, smoothing treatments use chemicals.

The decision to choose one over another should be based on personal preference and hair type. Along with considering how various hair treatments may affect your hair, you need also think about your style preferences, hair length, and hair condition. Different treatments respond differently in various individuals. What looks nice on someone else may not look well on you, so the next time you enter the parlor, give it some thought and make a prudent choice. I advise you to consult a professional before any hair treatment.


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