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First of all, congratulations to you. Now that you have taken the most important decision of your life which is getting married, we wish to help you find out the best wedding outfits for groom in India. Finding the perfect dress for your wedding can be an overwhelming affair. Thus we have compiled this list of 10 latest wedding dresses for men which will help you decide what you should wear on one of the most special days of your life.

Types of Wedding outfits for Groom in India

Before we go ahead, let us first see all the types of groom’s outfit for weddings available in India:

  • Formal Wedding Outfits (Suits, Blazers, Three Piece Suits, etc)
  • Traditional Wedding Dresses (Kurta Pajamas, Sherwanis, Jodhpuris, etc)
  • Indo-Western Wedding Outfits (Modern twist to traditional Indian outfits)
  • Wedding Outfits Based On Your Local Traditions (Kerala Mundu, Marathi Jhabba-Kurta, Bengali Dhoti, Punjabi Tamba or Tehmat, etc)

To keep things short, right now we will not discuss the location-specific outfits according to your local/ethnic or religious traditions as we wish to create separate articles for it in the future. For now, we will only talk about the general men’s outfits for Indian weddings.

So now, let us look at the best men’s wear for weddings as per each category.

Best Suits for Weddings for Groom in India:

groom dress for wedding

Types of Suits that you can wear at your wedding:

1 Tuxedo

best groom dress for wedding

Worn mostly during parties, a tuxedo is more suitable for a wedding reception but you can also wear it during your wedding. In western countries, wearing a tuxedo during a wedding is not advised but in India, you can wear it if no other option is available for you.

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2 A Formal Suit

A classic suit looks more appropriate in a board meeting but again this is a staple among grooms at Indian weddings. If you decide to go with a suit for your wedding, make sure that you get it stitched or altered according to your size.

3 Three Piece Suit

groom dress for marriage

This is just like a regular suit but a waistcoat or an inner jacket is worn along with it. This groom outfit looks great for reception and engagement ceremonies. Make sure you compliment your outfit with your partner’s outfit.

4 Shawl Lapel Suit

reception dress for bride and groom

This type of suit has a jacket with a lapel instead of a collar. It is usually made from a fabric that is different than the main fabric of the jacket.

5 Indo-Western Suits

jodhpuri suit for wedding groom

These are the Indian versions of a western-style suit. Somewhat closely resembling a Jodhpuri suit, Indo-western suits look rich and give you a more casual look if you want to avoid the traditional Indian wear look.

Suits are the classic look that you can go for at your wedding, engagement, or reception. Nothing speaks class more than a great suit that compliments your personality.

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Best Traditional Wedding Dresses for Men In India

Traditional wear for weddings is the look that most Indian men prefer for their wedding. There are many options of traditional wear that you can choose for your D-Day as listed below:

6 The Quintessential Wedding Sherwani

bride groom dress for wedding

According to a Wikipedia article, the Sherwani first appeared in India in Lucknow in the 1820s. It has always been the attire associated with Kings and Princes. The most common type of Sherwani is known as the ‘Achkan’ sherwani and is worn along with a Churidar as the bottom of the outfit.

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These days sherwani come in all shapes and sizes and are made from the basic cotton material to authentic gold embroidery and even studded with diamonds. If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress for men in India, then look no further than the Sherwani.  The price of sherwani in India ranges anything from a few thousand to a couple of lakh rupees.

You can accessorize the sherwani with a stole of a shawl depending on the time of your wedding or the weather. To complete the look, pair it up with some royal jewelry like necklaces, a brooch and pin, and an amazing pagadi.

For further reference, check out this list of the best men’s traditional wear brands in India.

7 The Royal Jodhpuri

best groom dress for wedding

Jodhpuri suit, as the name suggests, originated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It has an equally glorious history like the sherwani. Its classic indo-western look makes it a very appealing design not only in India but also across the world.

The choice of Rajasthani royalty, Jodhpuri dresses combine a coat and trousers, sometimes along with an inner vest.  It looks like the suits worn in western countries but a distinguishing factor is its collar known as Bandhgala.

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8 The Humble Yet Elegant Kurta

sherwani for wedding groom

If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, just go with the classic Kurta pajama. Don’t listen to those who will say that it is ‘too simple’ for a wedding. There are thousands of designs available in Men’s kurtas that you can wear at your wedding. Don’t compromise on the fabric and material though. A premium silk kurta in a color that suits you will look great on you and you can pair it with a complimenting pair of pajamas.

You can also use a stole or a scarf along with the kurta. Or you can wear a Nehru jacket to complete the look. Or course don’t forget to wear a matching pair of men’s juttis.

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9 Jacket Up With Nehru Jackets

groom dress for wedding in summer

A jacket will add a nice personality to your wedding outfit if you are able to pull it off properly. Try to contrast the jacket’s color with your kurta pajama. Wear a silk pocket square or a brooch along with it to give it small details.

Jackets also come is a lot of types like Nehru jackets, bandhgala, waistcoats and now the famous Modi jacket. They’re a great outfit for Indian grooms and can be worn during any ceremony like engagement, reception or any of your traditional ceremonies.

10 The Classic Sherwani With Dhoti

wedding kurta for groom

This is a combination of the classic sherwani with the humble dhoti. It adds a lot of character to your wedding outfit. To make things more dramatic, you may include a sword on the outfit too (Of course a dummy sword).

Another advantage of wearing a dhoti at a wedding is that it provides nice ventilation to the essential parts of the body and this is very important during Indian weddings where the ceremonies can last upto hours in the scorching heat.

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Best Indo Western Wedding Dresses for Men In India

Going ahead with the best wedding outfits for groom in India, let us look at an option which has recently become quite popular among Indian grooms. They are the Indo western outfits. They combine the traditional Indian look with a modern western style. These types of outfits are good for Engagement or Reception ceremonies but you can also use it for your wedding. Below are some examples of the best Indo western outfits for grooms in India:

Well we hope that we have covered all options for the best wedding outfits for Indian groom in this article. For more such article, don’t forget to subscribe to us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Oh and yes.. wish you a happy married life.

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