Kerala Traditional Dress for Men

Kerala is famous for its backwaters, lush green beauty, temples, food, spices, and culture. But it is also rich in culture and heritage. Are you Curious about Kerala’s vibrant culture and its men’s elegant outfits? Let’s dive into a world of drapes, golden borders, and timeless traditions.  Whether you’re planning for a Kerala-themed event or want a dose of cultural fashion, here’s a quick guide to the top 10 Kerala traditional dresses for males. Dive in and dress up Kerala-style. 

10 Kerala Traditional Wear for Men

Different types of traditional dresses are popular in Kerala, and here are some of them. These dresses show the cultural value of the Kerala. These dresses are simple but elegant. For different occasions, they wear different styles. If you want to know Kerala, it’s a good idea to start with Kerala traditional men’s wear.

1 Mundu Traditional Dress

A Mundu is a plain, long piece of cloth, usually white or off-white, that’s wrapped around the waist and reaching down to the ankles. It’s like a super comfy and simple skirt for men. 

Most simple to wear, worn by tying knots. It tells everyone that the wearer is grounded and humble. As it is usually made of cotton, it is comfortable for the hot and humid weather of Kerala.

Try it once to feel the elegance.

2 Kasavu Mundu

 If you want to add a touch of celebration to your look, go for the Kasavu Mundu. It’s the variation of Mundu but with a fancy twist.

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 It has a beautiful golden or silver border called “Kasavu,” and people wear it during special occasions like festivals and weddings. 

It represents the cultural richness of Kerala traditional wear for men. It’s like a party outfit!

3 Jubba Shirt

 The Jubba is a long, elegant shirt usually made of soft cotton or silk and commonly worn in white or cream.

It can be paired with a Mundu to create a traditional and sophisticated outfit appropriate for special occasions.

Just go for it for a stylish look!!!

4 Kalli Mundu

If you want something fancier, it’s time to wear the Kalli Mundu. It is a shorter version of Mundu.

This is a special kind of Mundu that’s folded twice, making it thicker and heavier.

Grooms often wear it during weddings to show how important the day is.

5 Shirt and Mundu

For a more modern twist, many Kerala men pair their Mundu with a regular shirt. It’s a comfortable and stylish choice for formal events or when you want to blend tradition with a touch of contemporary fashion.

A colored shirt matching the stripe color of Mundu creates an amazing look. Try this and give your outfit a combination of traditional and modern.

6 Neriyathu

This is a piece of decorative cloth draped over the left shoulder. It is used during traditional rituals.  It is usually white or off-white with a colored stripe or golden border.

It is decorated with borders or embroidery just like Kasavu. Very elegant and stylish.

7 Melmundu dress

A type of Mundu that is worn over the shoulder, often paired with a regular Mundu around the waist.

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This is the upper garment that is just like the Neriyathu. This is usually worn by the women of Kerala but also used by the men.

This is usually worn at festivals like Onam and Vishu.

8 Kasavu Neriyathu

A shawl-like garment draped over the left shoulder has golden borders similar to the Kasavu Mundu. When Neriyathu has a golden border or zari borders it is called Kasavu Neriyathu.

It provides an elegant look for a special occasion.

Wear this when you want to look graceful and elegant.

9 Kurta

A long tunic worn over the Mundu. It can be plain or have intricate designs. You can try different types of kurtas with Mundu for comfort perfect for Kerala traditional men’s wear. You can wear a cotton kurta for regular wear. Wear a colored kurta with white or off-white mundu.

For a formal look try silk kurtas. Both look stunning.

10 Short Kurta

You can also wear a short kurta full-sleeved or half-sleeved with Mundu. This is an awesome outfit.

You can choose the cotton kurta or silk kurta according to the occasion and weather. Give a try to a fitted kurta. Rock with a white or off-white kurta to create a cool look.

Special tips to follow to rock your look!!!

If you love to wear Kerala men’s traditional dress but are confused here I will suggest you a combination that can never ever go wrong!!!

Try a cotton Mundu and a white shirt. Trust me it will be elegant, classic sophisticated and just perfect.

 It’s always a hit style. Now there are ready-to-wear mundus available, you can start with them. You don’t need to tie it or think about how to tie it.  You just need to wear them and everything is done for you

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These mundus have pockets too, so what a cool idea!

Don’t forget to drape Neriyathu on your shoulder fully traditional look and catch the attention of the crowd.

If you are wearing it on a special occasion like a festival or wedding, try a fitted silk kurta and Kasavu Mundu with Kasavu Neriyathu. Win the party with your look.


There is a quick view of the Kerala traditional dress for males. There are a lot of varieties in the traditional wear of Kerala. You can try different types of mundus for different looks such as regular mundus, double mundus, Mel Mundus, Kalli mundus, and Kasavu mundus.  Even you can get printed mundus online.

For upper wear again you have choices as you can wear Jubbas, kurtas, shirts, or just carry Neriyathu. Try different colors and make your own style. White and off-white are very popular but red yellow green colors also look awesome with white and off-white Mundu.

You can experiment with the fabric too. You can go with cotton or silk. So try these and be ready for compliments from people. Good idea to rock like a star and respect your traditions.


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