80s Hairstyles for Men

No one can deny the fact that the 1980s was a revolution in fashion trends, with bold new styles breaking away from traditional norms. This era brought about some of the most iconic and memorable hairstyles that defined the pop culture of the time.

 It was a period of experimentation with new haircuts and neon colors that continue to be followed today. There are many hairstyles that are in trend with the modification.

 Here are some popular 1980s men’s hairstyles that are in the fashion game even today!!!

1 Mullet

80s mullet hairstyle

When we talk about the Hairstyles of the 80s, it is a must to start with the popular haircut mullet. The mullet had short hair in the front and long hair in the back. Celebrities Billy Ray Cyrus and David Bowie rocked this hairstyle and made it popular.

When someone talks about 80s fashion this is the haircut that comes to mind on the first go.

2 Flat Top

80s black hairstyles male

The flat top is a classic hairstyle of the 80s. Everyone loved this hairstyle from hip-hop musicians to famous actors. The top part of the hair stood straight up making look like a flat surface, just like a tabletop. The sides and back put sort of faded. That gave it the name flat top.

It gives a different look from the crowd.

3 Jheri Curl

1980s mens hairstyles

The Jheri Curls is another hairstyle that comes in the list of 1980s men’s hairstyles. Who can forget this awesome hairstyle of pop superstar Michael Jackson? It gives a shiny, curly look to the hair. It’s good to add volume to the hair.

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This is one of the 80s black hairstyles for males.

4 The Punk Mohawk

80s men's hairstyles pictures

The list of 80s hairstyles male is incomplete without the punk Mohawk. It was very popular among the punk rock fans. In this style, sides were shaved leaving a strip of hair in the middle. This strip stood up like a spike.

And even the spikes were sometimes colored to give that all different look.

5 Feathered Hair

80s mens feathered hair

Feathered hair was a popular 80s black hairstyle for males. The layers of hair looked like feathers and provided a softer look. The soft wavy hair framed the face. Hairspray was used to maintain it.

Celebrities like Rob Lowe and John Stamos made this style popular during the decade.

6 Rat tail

80's hairstyle men

The rat tail was an amazing 80s hairstyles for male. In this style, a long strand of hair was left behind and the rest of the hair was kept short.

 Sometimes the tail was braided or made a ponytail.

7 The Perm

1980 hairstyles men's

The Perm was the popular 1980s men’s hairstyle. Straight hair was made curly or wavy using chemicals. It became popular after using this style by the famous star Jon Bon Jovi. The style was especially popular among the rock musicians.

8 The High Top Fade

mens 80 hairstyles

The High Top Fade is the 80s hairstyle for men that is still popular. This provides a bold and confident look. It needed a lot of gel to set the style. This style was worn by African American men mostly.

Required regular trimming to maintain a high top and faded sides.

9 The Pompadour

80s men's hairstyles short hair

80s men tried the pompadour in their hairstyle. In this style, the front was fuller and more voluminous and swept back. The sides were kept sometimes shorter or malleted.

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This hairstyle is still in trend, with individual’s choice. You need gel to set up the style.

10 Spiky Hair

men's hairstyles from the 80s

Spiky Hair was a famous one of the 80s men’s hairstyle short hair. Men cut their hair short and used the gel to style their hair as spikes. This style was favourite of the many people as it was easy to maintain and provided a cool look.

Sometimes these spikes were colored, and the length of the spikes could be short or long.

11 The Curtain Hair

In the 80s men wore the curtain hairstyle too. Hair was parted in the middle with both sides falling on the face like curtains. Famous personality Johnny Depp wore this style. And this relaxed and young look was copied by the youth.

You can try this hairstyle of the 80s with your touch.

12 The Afro

Afro was the hairstyle of the 70s but in the 80s its new version became popular. This was shorter than the 70s having those rounded and bushy hair that stood up. This was the 80s black hairstyle for males.

Most loved and carried by Michael Jackson the famous personality showing pride in black culture.

13 Buzz Cut

80 men's hairstyles every guy

This was a men’s hairstyle short hair . Where many of the styles of the 80s were for voluminous, long hair, this was a minimalist style. It created a neat and clean look. It was easy to maintain and mostly the style was of soldiers and athletes. This provided a contrast to the long and curly hairstylist.

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This is an evergreen style that never goes out of trend.

14 The Bowl Cut

80s hairstyles for guys

As the name tells, this hairstyle looked like a bowl of hair put on the head and cut around it. The top was longer where the sides and back were short.

The length of the top could be different. It was popular among the teens. This hairstyle created a different look from the crowd.

15 The Side Part

80s haircuts male

This was the classic and timeless hairstyle of men in the 80s. In this hairstyle, hair was parted in the side and combed flat. It provided the gentleman’s look. It worked with both short and long hair. This was the choice of businessmen to create a neat look.

This style is the style for people who don’t want a dramatic look.


So we can say that the 80s era was the fashion era. Creating new hairstyles, and experimenting with different things. It can be said it was a daring decade in the sense of fashion. Many 80s hairstyles for men are still now, as it is or with a new version.

The men of the 80s not just copied the fashion, they created it with an individual touch. As fashion always repeats itself, not surprising if these hairstyles come back in trend. Trying different colors for hair, sometimes only tips of the hair or sometimes spikes created a unique look and showed their unique taste in fashion.

 This decade became unforgettable for its music fashion and hairstyles. If you want to give yourself a new look you can get inspiration for this decade.


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