Ram Charan Hairstyle
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Ram Charan is a well-known South Indian actor who is always popular for his performance, dashing look, dance skills, and awesome hairstyles. Ram Charan hairstyle has become a trademark for youngsters. They follow him and wait eagerly for his every style. Here are some popular Ram Charan hairstyles and Ram Charan hairstyle photos for you.

Long Wavy Ram Charan Haircut

Ram Charan’s long wavy hairstyle that he styled in his film “Magadheera” is one of his legendary looks. As he played the role of a prince in this movie, he appears in a royal look. It suited his character perfectly and add charm to his personality.

Fancy Pompadour Hairstyle

Our glamorous star Ram Charan has tried out this cool hairstyle in several movies such as Bruce Lee: The Fighter, Dhruva, Rangasthalam, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, and RRR. This hairstyle is followed by his fans to create a polished look.

Dhruva Haircut

Dhruva Ram Charan hairstyle is very popular among his fans. This hairstyle provides a sharp and clean look. In this style, hair is short on the sides and back, and longer on the top with a bit of bump in the front. This stylish look is appreciated and copied by his fans. This is also known as a crew cut.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Ram Charan has tried out the ponytail in his various movies such as Magadheera, Naayak, Govindudu Andarivadele, and Bruce Lee. This Ram Charan hairstyle is timeless. He styled it in different ways such as for a cool look, with a beard for a masculine look. our fashion-forward hero knows well how to play with style and reign over his fans’ hearts.

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Messy Hair

Ram Charan has tried out messy hair look in a few of his movies. This Ram Charan haircut is funky and playful. In his movie “Yevadu” his messy hairstyle with long bangs makes his fans crazy. This style doesn’t suit everyone but he has proved that he is a fashion icon himself. His fans fall in love with his look.

Side Parted Short Hair

You can see this Ram Charan haircut in his different movies including Acharaya, and RRR. No one can forget his formal and polished look. This suited his personality and him confident and stylish. If you like a sophisticated look go with this hairstyle. In the movie “Yevadu” he had side-parted short hair with a crew cut adding smartness to his style. In “Govindudu Andarivadele” side-parted short hair with a well-groomed beard create a mature look. If you love allu arjun then must check out best allu arjun hairstyle also.

Buzz Cut

This is a cool hairstyle of trendy star Ram Charan. This hairstyle involves a short haircut and gives a rough-tough look. He carried out this haircut in the “Dhruva” movie for the role of a serious police officer. He styled this in several movies like Vinaya Vidheya Rama, and Rangasthalam. If you want and bold and confident look go for it. Before styling this style consult your hairstylist as this style is not for everyone.

Quiff Hairstyle

Telugu movie actor Ram Charan has styled Quiff hairstyle in many of his movies. This Ram Charan hairstyle involves short hair on the sides and longer hair on the top, styled up and back. He has tried this in different movies including Rangasthalam, Vinaya Vidheya Rama, and Bruce Lee-The Fighter. Ram Charan haircuts are popular for their uniqueness. He experimented with this style in different ways to create different looks. If you want a classic look, try this style. But you should confirm with your hairstylist whether it will suit you or not.

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Mohawk Hairstyle

This hairstyle of our multitalented actor in the RRR movie is very popular with his fans. As Ram Charan looks awesome in every hairstyle that he styled, this style also creates a unique appearance. In this style, the sides are completely shaved, and a strip of hair runs down the middle of the head. He looked at this haircut in different movies including Dhruva. This is a statement style of Ram Charan. If you want a confident look go for it.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

you have seen this Ram Charan hairstyle in his movies and even in public appearances. This hairstyle involves combing the hair straight back. Ram Charan has styled this in movies such as “Zanjeer”, “Naayak”, and “Dhruva”. He paired this with different outfits and create a variety of styles. If you are thinking of this style, keep in mind you will have to use styling products to set this style. This hairstyle creates a classic and sophisticated look. Ram Charan impresses his fans with this hairstyle.

Short and Spiky Hairstyles

You have surely noticed Ram Charan’s Short Spiky hairstyle in some of his movies. This hairstyle involves having short hair that’s cut close to the scalp and styled into spikes using hairstyle products such as gel or wax. Ram Charan has styled this haircut in movies such as Rangasthalam, Bruce Lee-The Fighter, and Naayak. If you want this look, cut your hair short, leaving about half an inch or less on the top, and use your fingers to spike it with the help of styling products like gel or wax.

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The Curly Hair

As we all know Ram Charan plays with different hairstyles but do you know Ram Charan has naturally curly hair? He often lets his curls loose in a playful manner that adds fun and charm to his personality. His curly hair has become a trademark for him. His fans love his natural curls. It enhances his appearance. The curly hair creates an effortless and trendy look. This hairstyle due to originality looks perfect on him.

To sum up, we can say that our super stylish hero Ram Charan is bold enough to experiment with different hairstyles. He always surprises his fans with his hairstyles. People wait for his movies for his excellent performance, his dance, his dressings as well as his new hairstyles. His fans admire, copy and love his styles whether it is about his outfits or his hairstyles.


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