Thigh Tattoos for Men

Tattoos have become a way of expression. It tells about your personality and interests and is a great way to interact with the world. Thigh tattoos for guys are a style statement. This has been in practice for thousand years but now it has become a trend with a lot of varieties and variations. These days’ thigh tattoos have become very popular among men. After all, the thigh provides a big canvas so it is perfect for any design. The second thing that makes it popular is the freedom to show the tattoo, whether you want to show it in a particular place or not.  When you wear shorts it catches the attention of the people. If you are not comfortable you can hide it easily.

There are different types of tattoos such as small, large, related to wildlife, traditional, minimalist, emotional, nature-themed, tribal, quotes, and others. Men’s thigh tattoo ideas have many things to discuss but here we will suggest you few tattoos on thigh for guys with their symbol and meaning.

20 Men’s Thigh Tattoo Ideas

Here are the 20 best thigh tattoos for men that you can choose according to your personality. This is a list of the tattoos on the thighs for guys.

1) Front Thigh Tattoos

thigh tattoos male

Front thigh tattoos are a good option as you can show off easily. Due to the large area, you can even make a combination of two tattoos. You can draw here a big design with detailing.

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2) Back Thigh Tattoos

mens thigh tattoo ideas
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As you get a wide area for tattoos on the back thigh, you can make a big design with detailing. And the best thing thick skin of the thigh does not pain like other parts of the body.

3) Side Thigh Tattoos

thigh tattoos for guys
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Side thigh tattoos, looks cool when you turn. This also provides a big place to draw. You can draw a picture, sports-related things, or line of songs, or an animal of your choice. You can create a story or you can make a dragon or tiger.

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4) Hip and Thigh Tattoos

hip tattoos male
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This is the most popular tattoo that attracts the attention of everyone. You can make here complex and detailed tattoos. But don’t forget that it is a time-consuming project and you have to be patient.

5) Realistic Wildlife Tattoos

small thigh tattoo male
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Wildlife tattoos are the best thigh tattoos for males to show power and freedom. You can make a majestic lion symbol of strength, a fierce tiger for power, a graceful wolf for loyalty, an eagle for freedom and power, or an owl for wisdom and mystery. Mystical dragon is also very popular that symbolizes power or you can draw a wild horse to represent freedom and untamed energy or a mysterious snake.

6) Nature-themed Tattoos

tattoos on thighs for guys
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If you love nature you can go with a Tree of life that symbolizes growth and strength. Roses are also made as thigh tattoos male.  Don’t think that it is for feminine. Trees, flowers, clouds, and rivers you can make anything because you have a large space to display.

7) Anchor and Ship

male thigh tattoos small
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This is a meaningful tattoo that represents strength, stability, and journey. This is a masculine tattoo that shows your adventurous journey in life. This show that life is a journey that is full of up and downs. If you just love the sea, then you can go for it.

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8) Tribal Tattoos

quad tattoo ideas for guys
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Tribal tattoos are significant in culture and boldness. The bold outlines and intricate geometric patterns show your courage and boldness. The bold black outline and the detailing make it wonderful and catchy.

9) Band Tattoos

small thigh tattoos for men
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These tattoos are like armbands, as the thigh provides a larger area, you can experiment on it with different patterns. These tattoos encircle the thigh; you can choose a tribal design or musical notes or a catchy quotation for it.

10) Quote Tattoos

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If you want a personalized and unique tattoo then go with quote tattoos. You can use it to convey a message, show your choice, and as your personality statement. This can be a line from a writer, poem, or song. Choose it wisely and attract the people.

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11) Minimalist Tattoos

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This is a good idea if you want an exclusive tattoo on your thigh or searching for a small thigh tattoo for male. It can be a catchy word, a beautiful butterfly, a gun, or anything you like. And the best thing is, you will have to suffer less pain in it and it is easy to hide it if you don’t show it somewhere.

12) Father & Son tattoos

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This tattoo is best to show your emotions for your son or your father. You can choose a picture of the father son or a quote, or a symbol to show the bonding of the relation. This will be a great option to cover the large area of your thigh.

13) Mandala Tattoos

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Mandala art is in trend. It symbolizes balance in life. You can make it in different sizes.  These are circles with detailed geometric detailing.

14) Cross Thigh tattoos

mens upper thigh tattoo
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These tattoos show your faith in religion. This is the symbol of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. It represents humanity. You can put it on your thigh to show your faith.

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15) Tribal Tattoos on thigh for Guys

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You have seen these tribal tattoos on arms, chest, and other body parts. This can be used as thigh tattoos for guys. You can reflect something through or just make it as an art piece.

16) Gun Tattoo

Without this tattoo, our men’s thigh tattoo ideas will be incomplete. Boys love this tattoo as a symbol of power and to show their love for adventure. As guns relate to the army this is liked by the guys.

17) Birth Date Tattoos

tiger thigh tattoo male
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You have seen people make their date of birth tattoos. You can put it on your thigh. This tattoo is personalized and tells your journey. You can add some other thing that relates to you or just only your date of birth, this is all on your choice.

18) Skull Tattoos

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Skull tattoos are very popular these days so you will not be surprised by them. You can make it on your thigh with a combination of others like a rose, snake, or something other. This is a bold tattoo that makes a message that you don’t allow someone to make a mess with you.

19) Dragon Tattoos

dragon thigh tattoo male
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This is a masculine tattoo that symbolizes power and strength. You can get a large dragon tattoo as the thigh provides you with a large space. It represents wisdom and power.

20) Medusa Tattoos

mens thigh tattoo small
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This is the most popular mythology figure that represents a legend. Medusa was cursed by the goddess Athena if someone would see in the eyes of Medusa, would turn into a stone.


So, these are the suggestions if you are looking for thigh tattoos for guys. There are different tattoo themes and thigh tattoo ideas that you can pick according to your choice or personality. Thighs give you enough space to play with your imagination. You don’t need to compromise with your design due to the small space. But keep in mind choose the thigh tattoo wisely as they are your style statement and reflect your personality to the world.


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