You are male and in love with nail designs for men? Do you want to give this art a chance but are perplexed about how to start or what designs should you choose? Then for sure, you have landed on the correct piece. This one is for you!!!

And for those who think Nail Art is not men’s cup of tea, Hold on Dude these norms are outdated!!! Read the entire article, who knows your views might get changed!

Nail art for men is a very common way of self-expression. This is an art for everyone regardless of gender. In recent years it has become trendy, and many celebrities proudly wear it. This is the way to express yourself.

Just imagine that nails could be your style statement. The thought in itself is so fascinating. If you have not tried yet then don’t think too much, no more delay just dive into the world of nail art. Here is a quick guide to men’s nail design ideas:

Top 13 Nail Designs for Men

There are so many awesome male nail designs that you can try. If you are trying it the first time, then start with simple. Once you feel comfortable and get used to you can try different styles. So let’s start with your nail canvas.

1 Matte Black

male nail polish ideas

If you are searching for nail designs for men, this is a sleek timeless, and versatile design. This provides bold expression. This is the choice of many.

Try this simple, cool, and super stylish design. This is a masculine design and safe for those who want to play safe and don’t want to stand out from the crowd.

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I recommend this highly to newcomers.

2 Metallic Accents

mens nails ideas

If you are someone who wants to flaunt the royal and classic look, then without any second thought give a touch of luxury with gold or silver accents.

You can try it on full nails or just tips both ways it’s amazing.  Going to a party and want to catch the heart of those hot Girls!!!

Hey! Is it, not a cool idea to highlight one nail on the ring finger and leave the other nails neutral or matte?

3 Stripes and Patterns

The list of men’s nail design ideas is incomplete without it. Stripes and patterns always look awesome. They add pop up. You can experiment with different types of lines and stripes.

You can create bold or minimalist styles. You can try geometric patterns and different shapes. You can go with horizontal or vertical lines, thin or thick lines, checks, and many other ways to express your style.

4 Tribal Designs

male nail designs

We have something for everyone even for our heritage lover males! shows your aesthetic taste and interest in the heritage with this authentic design.

These are awesome strong geometrical patterns. You can elaborate on them with super detailing or can keep it simple. You can try different tribal arts too such as wargi designs or figures.

They look good with monochromatic using black, white, or grey.

5 Ombre

guy nail designs

This style shows the color ramp of shades. As you can try black fading to grey. If you love adventure and try new then go with vibrant colors such as brown, green, blue, or purple.

What do you think is not a cool idea, playing with colors? And show that even men understands colors!!! Ombre is very popular even in dresses too.

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6 Minimalist Dot

man nail design

If you want simple but elegant man nail designs go with it. A single dot on the nail base is a strong statement with its simplicity.

You can try neutral colors white black or grey. You can experiment with lines of dots horizontal or vertical and the size of dots.

You can try different sizes of dots to create a line or pattern.

7 Monochromatic Shades

When we are talking about guy nail designs how can we forget this versatile style?

In this style, we play with different shades of the same color palette. You can create many styles with different colors as shades of grey for a modern and sleek style, blue tones for navy to sky color for a calm effect, and shades of green for a soothing look and many of these.

These are polished and trendy designs.

8 Textured Designs

easy male nail art

Hey guys! Try texture to catch the attention of everyone. Sand, denim, gems, stones, and many other things are used to create texture.

These are growing very popular these days. Celebrities also make this a style statement. Try it. For different occasions use different types of textures.

9 Marble designs

man nail design

This design is very popular even among women. Swirling of two or more colors can give a marble effect.

Choose color wisely. Show your passion and color choice with a modern and edgy touch. This is the magic of colors and give it your personal touch.

10 Text and Typography

nail designs men

You can personalize your style with different words, letters, and initial messages.

Use just one or two nails as accent nails and leave the rest of nail nails neutral or matte. You can try words like focus, winner, daring, passion, etc.

This is the best way to express your style. So choose the words wisely as they reflect your personality. Important dates or years can be used.

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11 Half-n-Half

nail ideas for men

If you want a simple and stylish nail design for a man then go with half-n- half design. Paint the top or bottom half with one color and the rest of the portion with another color. This is the game of color.

Choose the right combination of colors to enhance the beauty of the style. You can use contrast, vibrant or soothing effects.

12 Sports Inspired

nail designs for guys

This is the favorite design of men. If you love sports, then go for it.  You can make your favorite sport symbol, letter, word, or anything that relate to it.

You can word related to sports such as win, team, unity, goal, etc.

13 Tattoo Inspired

cool nail designs for guys

When we talk about style or trend how we can forget tattoo-inspired nail designs. You can try anchors, arrows, Smiley, skull, and unlimited designs that will make your impression on the world.

Tell the world about your personality and passion without saying a word. Rock it with different styles.


Hope you have got enough man nail design ideas and you have already tempted to try. Which one you are going to try first tell us in the comment box. These are just suggestions but there is no limit to the fashion world. You can try the fusion of two styles at one time. There are unlimited designs and choices. Nails are like canvas, paint it and create your unique style. There is nothing about gender.

This is an art of self-expression. You can experiment with different designs colors, patterns, and textures. Showcase your passion.

Create new if you are daring and adventurous. Go with simple if you love elegant and minimal design. The variety of designs is unlimited.

The sky’s the limit! Go rock with your style guys!!!


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