How To Wear A Denim Jacket With Jeans

Denim jackets have been and will always be in style. You either love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. It is a must-have outfit in any man’s wardrobe and will transform your casual look if paired with the right pair of trousers.

While most men prefer to pair the denim jacket with cotton trousers or chinos, there is also a huge group of men who prefer to go into full cowboy mode and pair up their denim jackets with jeans.

Thus, today in this article, we will show you exactly how to wear a denim jacket with jeans in the right way and also different styles of wearing a denim jacket with your favorite pair of jeans.

Types Of Denim Jackets For Men In India

Before we proceed on how to style denim jacket with jeans for men, let’s take a look at the type of denim jackets that are available for men in India.

Classic Denim Jacket

These are the classic denim jackets that need no introduction. You’ve seen Movistar’s and cowboys wearing them all your life and always wanted to have one of your own. They are made of denim material and hence get the name.

Faded Denim Jacket

Similar to the classic denim jackets, these jackets have faded designs on them giving them a worn out look. The worn out look adds more character to the jackets giving it a very rugged feel.

Hybrid Denim Jacket

These types of denim jackets have a mixture of denim and other fabrics. Typically the entire jacket except the sleeves are made out of denim and the sleeves are made from cotton or other light material.

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Lightweight Denim Jacket

These denim jackets are very lightweight as they’re made from a thin variety of denim fabric. They’re perfect if you want to get the denim jacket look but want something airy and comfortable.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket With Jeans?

Unlike formal dressing, casual dressing doesn’t have many rules but there are a few basic ones that you need to keep in mind while pairing your denim jacket with jeans.

In this detailed guide on how to style denim jacket with jeans, we will first take a look at a few things that matter the most while choosing the right outfit.

Color Combinations

Choosing the right color combination of your denim jacket and jeans is probably the first thing that you need to address while wearing the outfit. We have listed a couple of the most common color combinations of denim jacket and jeans below.

Similar Color Denim Jacket & Jeans

how to style denim jacket
Contrasting shades of blue – A light blue denim jacket with a dark blue jeans (Image Source)

While it may be ok with other type of jackets like wind-cheaters, hoodies or bomber jackets, it is an absolutely bad idea to wear the exact same color of denim jacket and jeans.

You can get away with experimenting with the extreme shades of the same color though, but never wear the exact shades. For instance, if you really wish to wear the same color, then go for opposite shades of the jacket and denims as shown in the image above where you can see a combination of dark blue jeans with a light blue denim jacket.

Light Jeans With Dark Denim Jacket

how to wear a denim jacket
Light jeans with dark denim jacket (Image Source)

The next combination you should try is to pair up light jeans with dark denim jackets. As seen in the image above, light jeans really highlight the denim jacket. They make the denim jacket stand out in your entire outfit. Try light colored jeans like off white, beige, grey or green along with blue jackets.

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Dark Jeans With Light Denim Jacket

how to style a jean jacket
Dark jeans with a light denim jacket (Image Source)

Then you might want to try out the opposite combination of dark jeans with light denim jackets. Even with this outfit, you can never go wrong and you can experiment with different textures and patterns of denim jackets.

Contrasting Colors

how to wear a jean jacket
Contrasting colors of denim jacket and jeans (Image Source)

For those who want to break the stereotypes of denims and want to try something different, ditch the regular blue and black shades of denim and try out some off-beat colors like green, purple, brick-red or salmon.

You can see more denim and jeans color pairing ideas in the last section of this article.

Choosing The Right Underlayer

While some of you may choose to live life on the edge and wear the denim jacket by itself, it is highly recommended that you wear a shirt or a t-shirt as the underlayer with a denim jacket.


how to style denim jacket men
A light blue denim jacket paired perfectly with black jeans and a black t-Shirt (Image Source)

While a simple white t-shirt is the classic and least risky underlayer, you can experiment with different colors too. Again, remember to keep the colors contrasting and avoid wearing the exact same shade of shirt as the jacket. You can keep the shade of the shirt and the jeans same but contrast the jacket with it as seen in the image above.

Casual Shirts

how to style a black jean jacket
Denim jacket and jeans with a casual shirt (Image Source)

Another classic underlayer to wear along with a denim jacket and jeans is a casual shirt. We do not recommend a formal shirt as an undershirt to a denim jacket as it looks quite odd. You can go for any cotton or linen full sleeve shirt that compliments your entire outfit.

Plaid Shirts

how to wear a jean jacket men
Denim jacket & Jeans with a plaid shirt (Image Source)

Want to achieve the country singer look from the 90s? Simply wear a plaid shirt along with your denim jacket and jeans and were sure that you’ll definitely attract a lot of eyeballs. Plaid shirts or flannel shirts are also quite comfortable to wear under the denim jacket and they will add a higher style quotient to your denim jacket and jeans outfit.

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how to wear jeans jacket
Denim jacket and jeans with a waistcoat (Image Source)

While waistcoats are predominantly used along with formal suits, they can also be used as an underlayer along with another shirt with your denim jacket. Just make sure that the waistcoat is a casual one and not a formal one just like the one showed in the image above.

Tank Tops

how to style jeans jacket
Denim jacket and jeans with a tank top (Image Source)

Is the weather too hot outside but you still want to wear your favorite denim jacket? Worry not and simply put on a tank top as the underlayer along with it and you have a great summer outfit. You can keep the jacket fully buttoned, half buttoned or unbuttoned depending on your mood.

Sweaters & Cardigans

how to style black jean jacket
Denim jacket & jeans with a sweater (Image Source)

A great outfit for the winter and places where it gets quite chilly, we highly recommend that you try out the heavenly combination of a cardigan and a denim jacket paired with jeans. You can also wear a sweater if you don’t have a cardigan but make sure you have a collared shirt under it with the collar sticking out.

Finishing The Look

Now that you’re pretty much done with the topic of how to wear a denim jacket with jeans, we have some additional tips for you in order to complete your outfit and get the best look as per the occasion.

Here are some style tips for finishing your denim jacket and jeans outfit.

What Shoes To Wear With Denim Jacket And Jeans?

how to pair denim jacket
Proper shoes with a denim jacket and jeans (Image Source)

Not all footwear is suitable for a denim jacket and jeans combo. We recommend wearing Chelsea boots, loafers, boat shoes, derby shoes, oxfords, and brogues along with a denim jacket and jeans outfit. Avoid wearing sneakers, sports shoes, and formal shoes with them.


A denim jacket with jeans outfit is incomplete without the right accessories. If you don’t like wearing too many accessories, a simple wristwatch would be enough to do the job but if you like wearing accessories, you should definitely include them in your outfit. We recommend wearing a leather bracelet or metal rings or chains.

That was all about how to wear a denim jacket with jeans and the best denim jacket and jeans combinations for men in India.

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