Best Jacket Brands in India

It’s a matter of fact that a good outfit makes a good difference. It elevates your confidence to a whole new level. Gone are the times when people used to wear thick clothing just to cover themselves up from the freezing temperature. It is an era where clothing has become a statement. We’ve brought you a list of some of the best jacket brands in India that will help you to revamp your wardrobe.

1. Woodland

best winter jacket brands in India

Woodland has always been a prominent shoe brand known for producing the most durable shoes on the market. However, throughout the years, it also ventured into the garment market in India, where it quickly established a large fan following. Hence making its place at the top of the list of top 10 jacket brands in India. As one of the best Indian jacket brands, Woodland is still the best-made and most durable on the market, although they’re a little more expensive.


  • Their jackets are made with a polyester shell to keep you warm
  • It has a quilted pattern that is fashionable!

2. Fort Collins

top 10 jacket brands in India

Do you want fashionable and trendy jackets to be added to your wardrobe? Then you must be probably familiar with Fort Collins. As one of the best Jacket brands in India, it popularizes nylon-crafted coats in the Indian market and made it to the second place on the list of best winter jacket brands in India. They also offer a wide selection of different styles and types of coats that will match any aesthetic.

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  • The jacket is made of 100% nylon and is both comfortable and durable.
  • It has a high neckline and an easy-to-close zip.

3. Calvin Klein

top jacket brands in India

Calvin Klien’s denim clothing has become rather popular all over the world due to its wonderful and fashionable looks. When it comes to jackets, it has a wide selection. Denim jackets are making a comeback in 2023 with several fashion icons promoting them. So, look no further than Calvin Klein’s jacket if you’re seeking a denim jeans-type jacket.


  • The hooded neckline is adjustable with a drawstring.
  • It has a fashionable puffy design.

4.  Levi’s

indian jacket brands

Our list of top jacket brands in India would be incomplete without Levi’s. Undoubtedly one of the oldest recognized brands in the garment manufacturing sector. You must have had a pair of jeans or two from Levi’s but have you tried their jackets? It is a matter of fact that the quality of their jackets is out of the world but with the large selection of jackets, Levi’s wins the hearts of many.


  • This jacket is made of 100% cotton and is lightweight.
  • Its easy fit and relaxed style make it great for a day out on the town.

5. Puma

best cotton jacket brands in india

When you hear Puma’s name your mind goes straight to sneakers and shoes right? Well, Puma is much more than just a shoe company; they also provide sports equipment, clothing, and wearable accessories. Puma is also one of the popular Indian jacket brands and its puffy jackets are popular among Indian fans.


  • It has long sleeves and a hooded neckline
  • The material is extremely soft and comfy.
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6. Allen Solly

best jacket brands for men in india

Allen Solly is a brand name that is attracting an increasing number of people in the fashion industry. As you might already know Allen Solly’s most popular goods are jeans and t-shirts, but if you’re looking for a comfy jacket that fits your taste and any outfit, you should absolutely check out their jacket assortment as well. This is why is not a shock that it makes its place on the list of top 10 jacket brands in India.


  • The material is lightweight.
  • It is ideal for everyday use.

7. Pepe Jeans

best brands for men's jackets in india

When shopping for jeans, you must have come across the name Pepe Jeans. First appeared in London in 1973 and has since been a popular choice among fashion-conscious consumers. As one of the top jacket brands in India, Pepe Jeans is a great choice when on a budget for a jacket, and we strongly advise you to look into the jackets supplied by Pepe Jeans. One thing is for sure, Pepe Jeans will never disappoint you.


  • Cotton is lightweight and breathable.
  • A solid pattern, you may wear this jacket with a range of outfits.

8. Adidas

best brand for winter jackets in india

It isn’t a shock that Adidas made it to the list. Providing one of the finest clothing for ages, their jackets are one of a kind, hence making Adidas one of the best Jacket brands in India. A brand that is not only famous for its name but a, so for its quality.


  • The DWR finish protects you from water.
  • It has a hooded neckline.

9. Reebok

best brand for jacket in india

Reebok is a well-known sportswear, footwear, and accessories company. But did you know that Reebok also offers one of the most comfortable winter jackets? Reebok has established a strong presence in the Indian market thanks to its high-quality items and jackets are one of them. Have a look at what its jackets have to offer.

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  • Cotton blend fabric is used to keep you warm and comfortable.
  • The hood has a drawstring for a customized fit.

10. Van Heusen

best leather jacket brands in india

Van Huessen as one of the Indian jacket brands, is extremely popular among Indians. It offers a wide range of choices with a diversified selection of styles and materials. It has something for every aesthetic, making it the brand of choice for individuals and one of the best jacket brands in India.


  • The bomber fit looks great on everyone.
  • The solid pattern complements any outfit.

Final Word

With winter approaching soon, you would want to cover yourself with warm yet stylish jackets. We hope that our list of best winter jacket brands in India helped you out selecting the perfect choice for you. It is not hard to stay comfy and look the best if you follow our list which consists of one of the best Jacket brands in India. So, this winter, stay warm fashionable, and trendy!


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