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How many times have you heard this phrase ‘dressing sense’? You may have come across this phrase while talking to your friends and peers. There are many people who will lecture you about how to improve your dressing sense or how your dressing sense is not ‘cool’ enough.

Thus, we thought of coming up with this ultimate guide where you can finally know the best dressing sense for men in India.

What Is The Meaning of ‘Dressing Sense’?

best dressing sense for male in india
What is the Best Dressing Sense For Men In India? Featured Above: Manee Sethi

First of all, when we started researching this topic about dressing sense for men in India, we began wondering whether this phrase ‘dressing sense’ is even a real word?. Then we came across the fact that dressing sense is actually called ‘dress sense’ and literally means ‘a good instinct for selecting garments which suit the wearer’.

Thus, dressing sense or more appropriately called ‘dress sense’, simply means wearing the right clothes for you. It means that you need to understand what to wear and also what not to wear according to the place, occasion, or time.

Dressing Sense For Men – Does It Matter?

Well maybe it wouldn’t matter much if you live in some cave in the Himalayas but if you live in a normal society among the average, mortal and judgmental human beings, then it does matter to have a good dressing sense.

Although being one of the three basic needs of any human being, clothing serves another important purpose other than covering your body. It makes you look presentable, clean, attractive, confident, and many other things. Thus, you need to know how to dress properly and well.

The best dressing sense for men is to wear what makes them feel comfortable and also something that is widely accepted as ‘trendy’ in society. Thus, when it comes to the best dressing sense for men in India, there are two things that matter the most.

  1. What you like to wear and how comfortable you are with it – The way you already dress and how comfortable you are with the way you dress. The best dressing sense for you is to wear what you are comfortable in. Avoid wearing something that you are not comfortable to wear.
  2. How other perceive what you are wearing – A lot of you want to improve your dressing sense because you are worried what people think about you. And you are right to an extent. People judge you based on your dressing but do not worry about it too much. As long as you are wearing presentable clothes, you would be just fine.

How To Improve Your Dressing Sense

Now that you have seen what the best dressing sense for men is, let us have a look at how to improve your dressing sense.

1. Wear What You Like And Not What Others Like

dressing sense for boys
Be your own influencer. Featured above – Vivek Kapoor

The biggest change that you can do to improve your dressing sense is to wear what you like and not what your friends or your colleagues like. You may feel that what others are wearing is a good way of dressing and it may even be good but will it really suit you?

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For instance, your friend likes to wear full sleeve t-shirts and it also looks good on him. But if you don’t like full sleeve t-shirts and wear them just because you think your friend looks good in them there is no point in wearing them.

Featured above is the stylish Vivek Kapoor flaunting his unique dressing style.

2. Dress For The Occasion

dressing sense for boys
One man, many moods. Featured Above: Ayush Semwal

This is a no-brainer but you should always be dressed as per the occasion. If you need to go somewhere, try to figure out what type of clothes would be appropriate for that place or event. You won’t go to a funeral dressed in a Metallica T-Shirt right? Similarly, wear something that suits the occasion. If possible, ask the hosts if there is a dress code for the event.

Also, you need to dress as per the place or the event that you are visiting. For instance, wear a Sherwani to a Hindu wedding if it takes place in a marriage hall and wear a suit to a Christian wedding if it is taking place in a church. Nobody will stop you if you wear a sherwani in a Christian wedding but admit it, it will look a bit odd.

Featured above is Ayush Semwal in various types of outfits that are appropriate only as per the occasion that they are worn on.

3. Keep An Eye On The Trends

how to improve dressing sense male
Follow the latest trends. Featured Above – Manee Sethi

One very important thing that you should include on your mission to improve your dressing sense is to keep an eye out for the latest trends. You need to add the latest trends to your wardrobe and delete the old ones. In simple words, wear the type of clothes that are in fashion right now and do not wear those that are ‘out of fashion’.

For example, bootcut jeans were in fashion in the 90s but nobody wears them nowadays. If you are still wearing them then either you are a time traveler or someone who needs a lesson or two about good dressing sense.

In the image featured above, Manee Sethi looks ready to take on the world with this dashing outfit that has all the trends figured out perfectly.

4. Follow Influencers & The Internet

Further to the previous point, there is another thing that you can do to improve your dressing sense. Fashion trends keep on changing with time and you need to keep up with them by following these trends if you want to ‘look cool’.

How would you do that? Follow the fashion influencers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Observe what the stores like Zara, H&M, Shoppers Stop display in their store or their websites.

Take inspiration by regularly visiting online shopping websites like,, etc because they always display products that are in trend. Visit online forums like Reddit, Quora to stay updated about what fashion trends people are talking about. You can also subscribe to online fashion magazines and blogs or check out the current men’s fashion trends page on Amazon.

We have an entire list of the Top 10 Shopping Websites For Men’s Clothing In India where you can check out the latest fashion trends for men.

5. Wear Clothes That Suit Your Body

dressing sense for male
Wearing clothes that fit you properly is the first step in improving your dressing sense. Featured Above – Harshit Raj Shrivastava

The best dressing sense for men is the one where you wear clothes that properly fit you. Well-fitting clothes not only look good but also feel good and speak volumes about your dressing sense. The best way to get perfectly fitting clothes is to get them stitched but if stitching is not an option, make sure you try your clothes properly before buying them.

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Also, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean that you need to wear it. Some clothes may look good on others but may not look good on you. For instance, a tight-fitting body hugging t-shirt may look good on someone who is well built or has an athletic physique but if someone who has a dad bod may not look great in it.

Featured above is Harshit Shrivastava showing us how properly fitted clothes can enhance your look thereby giving out a positive reflection of your dressing sense.

6. Learn Proper Pairing Of Clothes

dressing sense for male
A perfect outfit where all elements complement each other. Featured Above – Priyansh

The best dressing sense for men is defined by how well they are about pairing different clothes. You should be aware of what type of pants to wear with a certain type of shirt and vice versa. E.g. you should never wear jeans with a formal blazer. If you want to wear a blazer with jeans, it should be a semi-formal or a casual blazer. Check out this awesome guide that we found online about ‘How to wear a blazer with jeans‘.

While you are at it, also figure out what type of shoes go with your dress. Wearing proper shoes as per your outfit and the occasion is also crucial when you want to improve your dressing sense.

Featured in the image, Priyansh is seen showcasing his perfect dressing sense by properly pairing his outfit with the other elements in his look. Everything from the hat to the jacket, from the jeans to the shoes are perfectly paired.

7. Flaunt Colors But The Right Ones

good dressing sense for guys
The colors you wear reflect your personality. Featured Above – Abhishek Bhadoria

You may have come across a lot of guides about ‘The Best Dressing Sense For Men‘ and they all tell you that you need to experiment with colors and wear a lot of colors. They are right but be careful while you do this. You need to know what colors suit you and also need to know what color combinations go well with each other.

Figure out what colors or patterns will suit you and also check whether your shirts and trousers complement each other. Avoid wearing too loud colors or heavy patterns if you are not sure about pulling them off. To keep things simple, wear color combinations that are universally accepted.

Featured above is Abhishek Bhadoria showing us how you can try out different colors that suit you and make them a part of your regular wardrobe.

8. Wear Clean & Proper Shoes

good dressing sense for guys
A good pair of shoes is the ultimate sign of good dressing sense. Featured Above Manee Sethi

Shoes are the most important thing that you need to consider when you want to improve your dressing sense. Wearing a good clean pair of shoes will make you look better and also presentable. If you wear shabby shoes, people will definitely judge you in the wrong way.

Also, it is important to know what type of shoes to wear as per your outfit and the occasion. For instance, you should strictly use formal shoes with formal suits only and not casual shoes, loafers, or boots. On the other hand, wearing a crisp clean pair of formal oxfords with jeans and a t-shirt will make you look like a Grade-A nutjob! So choose your footwear carefully gentlemen.

Featured above Manee Sethi flaunts his dressing sense by finishing his outfit with a sleek pair of brown shoes.

9. Try Different Styles Than Your Regular Ones

good dressing sense
Breaking stereotypes is the name of the game! Featured Above – Vivek Kapoor

If you want to make a good impression with your dressing sense, you must change your style once in a while. A lot of men get comfortable with a particular style of dressing and keep on doing it over and over again. Although that is a safe strategy it will make your dressing sense monotonous. You need to add a bit of flavor so that you get noticed among your social circles.

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Do you wear only blue shirts? Only black jeans? Only Striped shirts? Only Round neck t-shirts? You need to figure out what type of clothes you are repeatedly wearing and then try out their different versions. So instead of wearing only blue shirts, try using pink or light grey maybe? Or instead of wearing only round neck t-shirts why not try polos or v-necks for a few days and get feedback from your friends?

Here we have Vivek Kapoor once again inspiring us to break from the traditional stereotypes and adopt something new and unique.

10. Don’t Buy Pricey Clothes. Buy Valuable Clothes!

how to improve dressing sense for men
A good outfit need not be flashy and expensive. Featured Above – Hannu Saraf

You need not be an economist to understand the difference between ‘price’ and ‘value’. Expensive clothes may sometimes be really valuable but most of the time, they’re not. If you want to improve your dressing sense by buying new clothes, keep in mind that you need to judge the clothes that you buy on the basis of the value that you get for the amount of money you are paying for them.

For instance, what is the use of buying an expensive shirt if it doesn’t fit you well? It makes more sense to buy a less expensive (notice how we didn’t use the word cheap) one that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable on your body and your wallet.

Featured above is Hannu Saraf looking dapper in a simple yet elegant outfit that looks awesome and does not even break your bank.

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11. Wear Good Accessories But Keep Them In Control

best dress sense for male
Accessories will enhance your dressing sense. Featured Above – Mohammed Shujaath

The best dressing sense for men is also visible from the kind of accessories paired with the outfit. They can really add flair to your look so make sure you go out there and buy a few good accessories like a good watch, good sunglasses, rings, bracelets, etc. But don’t use too many accessories that make you look like a walking accessory shop.

While improving your look with accessories, keep the number of accessories to 3-4 accessories at the max. If you are already wearing a watch, don’t wear a bracelet. Or if you are wearing a hat, avoid wearing a scarf (unless it is -30 degrees outside and you will freeze to death if you don’t wear a scarf).

Check Out Trending Men’s Accessories On Amazon

Featured above is Mohammed Shujaath showing us how accessories enhance the look of your outfit. Notice how the sunglasses, chains, bracelets, and rings are very subtle and add a little character to the look.

Pro Tip: Try including new accessories in your wardrobe other than the regular ones. Nowadays there are various new accessories for men like shawls, stoles, scarves, suspenders, fedoras, etc that you can try out and see what suits you the best.

12. Don’t Overthink About Other’s Opinions

mens dress sense
Good dressing sense means speaking in silence. Featured Above Vivek Kapoor

Coming to the final and the most important things that define the best dressing sense for men – Stop worrying too much about what others think of your dressing. Let’s face the facts. No matter how well you dress, people will criticise you. They will still make remarks and ridicule you for wearing something that you feel is totally normal.

Well here’s the good news. There are very few people who fall in the above category and also do not really matter to you in your life. So just be yourself, wear simple but good clothes and follow the basic steps that we have covered in this ultimate guide to improve your dressing sense.

Ignore others’ opinions and show your inner self through your dressing just like Vivek Kapoor does in the image featured above.

Examples of The Best Dressing Sense For Men For Your Inspiration

Below are some ‘best dressing sense for men’ examples that we found online. You can take your inspiration from these guys who have mastered the art of dressing sense.

man best dressing style
A great outfit for work. Featuring Hannu Saraf
man best dressing style
Flaunt your accessories like suspenders ring and bracelet. Featuring Utkarsh Mehndi
best dressing style for men
Best dressing idea for clubbing or parties. Featuring Harshit Raj Shrivastata
best dressing for boys
Best dressing sense for casual outfits. Featuring Utkarsh Mehndi
best dressing style
A simple and elegant dressing style for any traditional event. Featuring Hannu Saraf
Great outfit for weddings, formal events or parties. Featuring Utkarsh Mehndi
latest dressing style
A dashing outfit for work Featuring Ayush Semwal
how to improve dressing sense
Perfect dressing for any informal event Featuring Ayush Semwal
how to improve fashion sense
Off-beat dressing. Featuring Ayush Semwal
Unique dressing style for traveling. Featuring Vivek Kapoor
Perfect dressing for a black-tie event. Featuring Priyansh
how to improve fashion sense
Great travel outfit. Featuring Priyansh

That’s all folks. We hope that this ultimate guide about dressing sense was useful for you and the tips given here will help you improve your dressing sense. If you have any feedback/suggestions about the article, please write to us at


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